The RID® difference

It has been RID®s’ underlying formula that gives the brand the innovative edge by offering before and after bite protection as well as a high quality repellent.

RID® effectively controls and repels mosquitoes, flies and other insects by using a superior formula of the highest quality DEET combined with a fly repellent and healing medicinal ingredients containing antiseptic to prevent inflammation.

The RID difference has also long lived in its Australian heritage, growing up with Australian’s since the mid 1950’s, it was the familiar magenta pack, that was relied upon to repel biting insects and found in medicine cabinets everywhere.

Our enviable reputation of a quality product, well-respected brand in a highly competitive category is a great achievement that has evolved simply because ‘it works’.

Today, RID® continues to care for and protect everyday people in their everyday needs. It’s Australian made and more importantly Australian owned.

Whether you’re off camping under the stars on a weekend getaway, taking the boat to out to wet a line, get out and do what you love doing.

  • Awarded the most effective repellent by consumer watchdogs both here in Australia* and New Zealand* (Nov. 2013 Consumer Magazine “Choice” Product Review. Jan. 2014 NZ Consumer Product Review).
  • RID® is “Medicated” personal repellent meaning that it contains Antiseptic that acts as an antibacterial agent to prevent infections from germs left behind caused by insect bites.
  • RID is not tested on animals, does not include CFC’s in its Aerosol sprays and RID bottles are recyclable.


Remember the RID®, you’ll be glad you did.


+ Where it all began