Community | 01st April, 2016

RID donate to Food Relief NQ to combat mozzies outbreaks in North Queensland

RID donate to Food Relief NQ to combat mozzies outbreaks in North Queensland

Local owners of Australia’s national iconic brand RID have donated a pallet of insect repellent to Food Relief NQ to help those in need.

With recent cases of mosquito-borne diseases raised as a major concern across Australia and more recently within our own city of Townsville, RID a local owned national iconic brand, is wanting to do their part to support health authorities for preventative action from being bitten and at the same time support our own city to help those in need.

“Helping Townsville’s greater community by donating a pallet of RID is not only needed but is also an easy step in conjunction with other good management techniques. Living in North Queensland we see it as an essential item and we want to help those in need who simply can’t access it. Food Relief NQ is a fantastic network proving valued local support to many groups and charities and want to support the great work they do to keep this service available,” said Natalene Carter, Co-owner of RID.

Brad Webb has said, “We are grateful for this type of donation, as it definitely will be welcomed by the families who are struggling at the moment.  Our efforts are for the benefit of many, and RID insect repellent will give protection to those families who would not have the funds to purchase.”  Brad who was the brains trust and has been the major financial supporter has also been instrumental in obtaining support from other businesses, and in coordinating the entire infrastructure associated with the set-up of the warehouse.

Food Relief NQ encourages manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and traders in the food, beverage and grocery industries to donate products to Food Relief for redistribution to the needy.

RID’s initial donation is valued at near $6,000.

Photo:  Food Relief NQ Founder Brad Webb and RID Marketing Manager Lori Thomas SOURCE:  Duo Magazine,April 2016