Community | 25th February, 2014

Publicis Mojo Wins Gold and Silver for RID DT Challenge 2014

Publicis Mojo Wins Gold and Silver for RID DT Challenge 2014

In Late 2014 we challenged Australia to find 1 Aussie bloke who was crazy enough to go to the Amazon on the ultimate test to prove RID works in one of the worst places for insects. Most of you know this story and others who have joined our community after may not. Please enjoy the trailer to familiarise yourself.

Without the support we received from you, this would never have happened. It’s an inspiring story that evolved and it started because one man had a vision to do one crazy adventure that only an Aussie would attempt. Being the Aussies we are, we jumped onboard and you did too.

Recently this one man with his crazy vision was recognised by his peers for creative excellence winning him and his team 2 Gold Awards and 1 Silver Award at a recent Advertising industry function. His name is Andy Gepp and without Andy and the amazing team at Publicis Mojo this would never have been the experience it turned out to be.

Congratulations must go to Andy for his vision and of course you, our fans for jumping onboard and taking the journey with us.

Thanks for being part of our community and for helping us write just a little more of our history that embraces the great Aussie spirit of a brand that has 59 years of rich Australian heritage.

For those who missed the excitement, we will be releasing the episodes across our page over the next few weeks. Otherwise, you can find the whole series on our YouTube channel

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