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Help Allison O’Brien

Help us, help them.

Help Allison O’Brien

Every so often you come across someone special doing something amazing. Meet Allison O’Brien.  Come January 2016 Ally will trek across hot and humid Thailand for 8 days, facing some of her own personal fears to support the at risk children of Thailand with Hands Across the Water.  The Charity was founded by Peter Baines,  a Former Australian police forensic specialist who was one of many attending the tragic 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.  This event affected us all in some way.  Our hearts went out to those involved although Peter was inspired to establish an organisation that could make a difference. Ten years on and Hands Across the Water, has achieved some amazing and inspiring achievements. The charity encourages the orphans affected and those children at risk in Thailand the opportunity to keep their culture as if they had never become orphans and give them choice and hope…a hard thing to do when you have no parents and no future.

Hands works tirelessly to providing housing, medicine, care and education and it’s inspiring to meet someone like Allison and other fellow trekkers/riders who give their time freely and fund themselves to help others.  It’s this selfless courage we admire and one that we feel empowered to help.  100% of the funds that Allison raises go directly to the charity, Allison will pay for her own airfare and accommodation and Peter and his team work independently to raise funds to support the charities admin and marketing.

When there are terrible things happening in the media we put forward a challenge to help Allison. By helping her, we’re helping others. We’re proud to have been able to donate product to the great people at Hands Across The Water for both trekkers and the children of the orphanage. Furthermore, we have pledged support to Allison and her challenge to trek across Thailand!

To find out more or donate to Hand Across The Water: Hands Across The Water

To read Allison’s story and wish Allison luck: