Workplace Protection FAQs

We’ve provided some information on RID® Workforce and its use.

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+ Why do I need RID® Workforce rather than just RID in my workplace?

The nature of working conditions dictates the importance placed on aerosol pack strength and durability. RID®’s Workforce Strength includes higher rated can strength with a lining to reduce the risk of puncture or can failure.

It’s RID®’s toughest can yet and purpose designed for tough work place conditions.

+ Is the shelf life affected because of the extra strength can?

RID® Workforce Strength has a 5-year shelf life and with the extra strong can it provides 2 times the benefit with longer lasting usage resulting in less wastage and high-performance product for reliability to the last spray.

+ Is repellent part of PPE gear?

PPE is a result of the Work Health & Safety Act. The meaning of Personal Protective Equipment is about minimising risk to health and safety. The scope of PPE Gear includes the nature of the work and any hazard associated with work.

You can include RID® Workforce Strength in your PPE gear to reduce risks against mosquitoes that may carry mosquito-borne diseases.