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RID (Australia) a wholly Australian owned entity purchased the iconic 'Rid' brand from Thorley Laboratories Pty Ltd in May 2013. The Thorley family were responsible for the development of the 'Rid' brand since its inception in 1945. The company was incorporated by Mr Hector Douglas Thorley, producing broad spectrum high quality family and home protection products. "Thorley" was originally named Thorleys Pest RID Company. They performed Pest & Weed control Services in Northern NSW immediately following the 2nd World War. It was always the aim of the founder, Mr HD Thorley, to manufacture pesticide & other products as soon as chemicals were available after the war. In the interim he joined the National Pest Control Association of America, the NSW Government Pest Association together with the QLD Pest Control Association, to gain important knowledge for this Industry. At one of several meetings of the QLD Pest Control Association, he noted that a government authority named Dr Brindlecomb lectured on various matters including insect repellents that lasted for several hours under the tropical warfare conditions, in which DEET was the active ingredient. It was used by American Armed Forces to repel mosquitoes for many hours at a time in substitution for the commonly used Dimyth Phalate which only lasts for approximately one hour or less. It was noted that DEET was extremely effective as an insect repellent in controlled amounts. Doug Thorley was determined to market to the domestic consumer after the war and as soon as containers and packaging were available. Int the meantime he began to experiment and formulate the active ingredients.

It was a combination of hours of field research and development, plus testing in Queensland's tropical wetlands that contributed to Mr. HD Dougals Thorley successfully introducing the now famous Medicated First-Aid RID InsectRepellents ontoo the Australian market in 1956. RID was Australias first and only DEET based personal insect repellent and is the only exclusive skin-friendly multi-purpose insect repellent. Thorleys geared to manufacture insect repellents- in acceptable unisex perfume DEET based cream which they named RID . It had taken 3,000 hrs in laboratory and practical field tests carried out by HD Thorley in swamps to keep the RID formula long lasting. In 1956 it was marketed in 1 1/4 oz glass bottles. First release was to general market and wholesalers and was followed by 100% a year in sales growth at which time the company had problems in trying to keep up with public demand. From inception, RID 's reputation as a very effective Personal Insect Repellent for public use was self evident. After 2yrs RID 's packaging changed to 4 1/4 oz plastic bottles, the same shape and slightly different design as found and marketed today through wholesale and retail outlets.

The company head office is located in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. It manufactures the RID brand of consumer products for personal and home use and markets a range of Personal Insect Repellents (PIR's) under the RID trademark. This range is a topically applied repellent and is marketed in a variety of pack presentations including a roll-on, cream, aerosol and pump. This range includes Sunblock, with the innovative 'RID 30+ Sunblock with repellent' available in a roll-on, tube and squeeze bottle (Formula is a '3 in 1' product- a combination of a Sunblock; SPF 30+, repeller using RID 's low irritant formula, & moisturizer- Vit E).

The RID brand is synonymous with product quality and efficacy with a reputation of being the most trusted brand in its category. RID effectively controls and repels mosquitoes, flies and other insects by using a superior formula of the highest quality DEET in the world. Combined with a synergist 264, a fly repellent 326 & healing medicinal ingredients, the brands formula has the innovative edge over it's competitors by offering before and after bite protection. RID may be best classified as a medicated insect repellent as claims such as "medicated" and "first aid" and "anti-septic" appear on its packaging. In order to obtain registration of therapeutic goods in Australia, stringent criteria must be met prior to gaining registration. RID is endorsed by both APVMA (Australian Pesticide Veterinary Medicinal Association) and TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association). It is the only brand to receive medical endorsements from hospital, medicinal and overseas travel organisations. It is highly effective in tropical environments where mosquito borne diseases (Malaria, Dengue, West Nile Fever, Ross River virus) are a serious health concern.

The company distributes through Wholesale and Retail Distribution channels to all states of Australia and the export markets of Asia and the Pacific region. Retail generally includes stores that supply direct to the end consumer like grocery chains and pharmacies. Wholesale Distribution channels generally supply independent retail outlets and Specialty stores and where quality products are sold. RID (Australia) continues to research the latest procedures and chemicals available and to formulate the best possible products known to science that will be safe when used as directed.

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Life threatening global diseases carried by insects, particularly mosquitoes such as Malaria, Dengue Fever and country specific mosquito borne diseases such as West Nile River virus, Ross River Fever; highlight the advantages of RID use for personal protection. Prevention has always been the best cure. RID reduces the cost of health care when used correctly, by working against mosquito borne diseases and a variety of health problems that can occur from biting insects. RID is Australias most recommended repellent, approved by all State Health Departments, Medical Boards and Travel Authorities.

The company has a well established brand that is identified as a Queensland institution and is recognised as an Australian icon. Now entering its 57th year of operations.

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