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RID (Australia), manufacturers and distributors of the RID brand of products, are dedicated to marketing innovative family & home protection consumer products that represent quality and value. We take pride in being Australia's ONLY premium insect repellent with First Aid anti-septic plus therapuetic ingredients like soothing Vitamin E and anti-inflammatory Chamomile. RID insect repellent stops all mosquitoes, flies, tsetse flies, gnats, fleas, sandflies, midges, ticks, ants, lice, and leeches. So relax - enjoy yourself in any activity, any climate, and trust RID to protect you and your family in the great outdoors.

Travelling? For up-to-date information on mosquito-borne disease outbreaks around the world, please see our 'Travel News' page.

RID Repellents are never tested on animals, and RID Sunblocks with Repellent are free of nano-particles. Plastics are recyclable.

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